At 3 days old Elisha (Eli) was taken to the hospital for difficulty breathing. They determined that he had paralyzed vocal cords. Vocal cord paresis effects his breathing, eating and could potentially effect his speech.

He has been in and out of the hospital for various tests and scopes to see how his vocal cords are functioning and if any healing has taken place. His voice is getting stronger, but although both of Elisha’s vocal cords are now moving, they are not moving at the same time. He is no longer aspirating as well, which is a big relief.

Along with Elisha, his mom and dad have a toddler boy who is a great big brother and loves to play outside and swim. This close knit family loves to spend time together, and they are trusting God throughout their journey.

UPDATE: Elisha’s recent doctor’s visit showed his vocal cords are now working and he is healed! This is a huge praise!

Hearts of Hope Network is here to help Elisha’s family. Because of generous donations and support, we have sent Tony’s Hugs packages to each member of this family and are here to help throughout their journey.

Elisha’s family is also fundraising on their own. While we are here to help, the cost of caring for a critically ill child can be very extreme. Many times, their parents have to take off work or quit working to care for their child. We thank you for supporting Hearts of Hope Network through donations, and if you would like to help support this family even further, please consider following their support links below.

Support Links:

Here at Hearts of Hope Network, every case is different and unique in its own way. We want to always be here to stand with these families in their time of need and beyond. Every donation goes toward supporting these families, and every donor is a part of showing these families that they are NOT alone. 

Be part of our family.

If you are caring for a critically ill child, we want to be with you in your time of need. Click here to apply for aid.

If you would like to be part of making this support happen for others, please consider donating today. Click here to donate.

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